CodeEval is a tool used to source technical candidates effectively. For employers, CodeEval provides an effective platform to identify promising candidates from a crowd of applicants by viewing their live coding submissions. Freelancers can solve coding challenges for fun/fame and compete with their peers.

  • 13 Languages supported

    The platform supports execution of programs written in C / C++ / Java / Python / Perl / Ruby / PHP / JavaScript / Clojure / Scala / C# / Tcl / Objective C / Haskell / Go / Bash / Lua

  • Choose KnowledgeBase Challenges

    Employers can alternatively choose pre-made challenges from our KnowledgeBase.

  • CodeEval Challenges

    A vibrant community to solve challenges for fun and fame.

  • CodeEval Public Profile

    Freelancers/Developers get a public url which shows their successful solutions. Showcase this on your blog, resume etc