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  • Running for president

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    Challenge Description:

    You're planning your party's campaign strategy to win the Presidency of the United States. To win, your candidate has to navigate many controversial issues, which influence voters, such as healthcare, immigration, education, energy, independence, jobs, taxes, environment, and so on. Each of these is important, but also expensive to address.

    Because the United States presidential election is determined by states casting votes in the Electoral College, you need minimum 270 of the total 538 Electoral College votes to win.

    While not completely accurate, for this challenge we use the following criteria:

    • States may or may not value an issue.
    • States value each issue differently.
    • Winning 51% of any state gives you all of that state's votes. If you have less than 51 %, you won't receive any votes.

    Your task is to put together a winning strategy by identifying the fewest issues you must address to win 270 votes.

    Input sample:

    Your program should accept a file as its first argument. The file content is the following:

    Social issues: 9 Healthcare: 33995797 Immigration: 2089699 Education: 37182280 Energy independence: 1344134 ... Wealth inequality: 99237127 Increase military spending: 44066575 Mississippi Votes: 6 Creating jobs: 1 Jobs: 0 ... Increase military spending: 0 Education: 1 Energy independence: 0 Oklahoma Votes: 7 Creating jobs: 1 Jobs: 2 ... Increase military spending: 0 Education: 1 Energy independence: 2 ... Maine Votes: 4 Creating jobs: 0 Jobs: 0 ... Increase military spending: 0 Education: 1 Energy independence: 3

    The first line identifies the total number of potential issues, the second—information about costs for each program, and the third — information about each state, separated by spacing. Each state has a name, number of votes, and a list of issues that you can choose in each state. Each of these issues is valued based on the number of votes it can get in each state. Remember, you must get the majority of votes in each state to win.

    Output sample:

    Print out the list of issues you want to cover in you electoral program in alphabetical order.

    For example:

    Energy independence Healthcare Immigration Increase military spending

    Remember, that your task is to create a program with the fewest number of issues. If there are several variants of program with the fewest number of issues, then you need to choose the program with minimum costs.

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